Letter: Trump’s Press Conference was a 90 Minute Puppet Show

Letter to the editor submitted by Max Wiesen, Greenwich, September 27, 2018

Watching Donald Trump’s 90 minute “press conference” on September 26 was like watching a psychedelic puppet show.

There was the mop of orange, puppet-like hair, the red face and white eye sockets, the pursed mouth.

Jim Henson could not have created a more vivid puppet than Donald Trump.

As I watched, what was supposed to be Realism turned quickly to Surrealism as the question and answer session evolved into 90 minutes of braggadocio, including Trump quickly twisting the statement that the audience laughed at his claim that he had achieved more in his tenure as president than any previous administration.

Obviously, they were not “laughing with him” and were not present to “have fun.”

He did not directly answer any of the reporters’ questions but, with his most peculiar body language, just went on and on about how wonderful he was.

How amusing this would have been, had it not been astonishing and depressing to witness the world attending this ridiculous “puppet show” so well executed by the unseen hands of “insanity”.

The Punch and Judy show of old would have been a preferable spectacle were we, Americans, not the Judy being beaten with a club by Trump.