LETTER: Support Ryan Fazio for State Senate This November

Letter to the editor submitted by Marie Lopez, Chickahominy

Dear Editor,

Greenwich has endured the last few months of our health crisis with great resilience and success: as someone who works in healthcare but also cares deeply about public policy, I have been most appreciative of the moments where we’ve all looked past partisan views to do what is best and safest for our community. There is still a great deal of work to do and I trust we will continue leading by example.

During that time, my family and I have truly appreciated Ryan Fazio’s efforts throughout the community: not just in our district where he is campaigning for the state senate, but throughout other areas of the state as well.

Ryan took the time to distribute masks and work with members of the community to help us overcome the challenges that COVID presented to all of us so unexpectedly. The scale of this work was significant.

While COVID devastated our sense of health security and challenged many of our most basic paradigms, our economy sank into unpredictable paths: markets shifted, unemployment rose, state-to-state migration impacted Connecticut in unique ways, and our healthcare system was sorely tested.

In November, we have an opportunity to send a message of change: as we cast our ballots, we should really consider how Connecticut was doing before the pandemic struck and think profoundly about the future we envision for the state.

During the campaign season, the word “change” is thrown around so much we can become desensitized to it – but it’s truly crucial we give serious thought to the challenges we face.

In Connecticut, we were already facing an incredibly expensive standard of living – and though Greenwich and Fairfield County have managed to keep a higher quality of life standard than other parts of the state, it was already being tested as the state’s expenses rose. We already faced an unsustainable pattern and cannot be certain how much more difficult the outcome of our current situation will make that. We need to break the pattern: young families in Greenwich deserve the chance to invest what they earn as they see fit and in ways that will help our families progress. We cannot carry on saddled with the fiscal disorder of Hartford.

In considering who to support this coming November, Ryan’s message resonates: in addition to the work he has done to help our communities during the pandemic, his campaign offers a vision for a renewed commitment to Greenwich families and young people. We need representatives in Hartford who will stand up for the things that have made Greenwich a great community in the past.

Our family will support Ryan Fazio for state senate this November and we really hope your family will as well.


Marie Lopez