LETTER: State Rep Meskers Has Worked Tirelessly to Help Constituents During Covid-19

Letter to the editor from Monica Prihoda, Old Greenwich

I have known Stephen Meskers and his family since 1999 when our daughters were in kindergarten together at Old Greenwich Elementary School.  I came to know Steve better when he made his successful run as Representative of the 150th District to Hartford, walking with him door to door in Old Greenwich and the OG train station to meet residents and learn their concerns about the Town.

I ask for your support again to re-elect Steve Meskers for many reasons, particularly as he has worked tirelessly to brief his constituents daily on the latest reports and advice on dealing with this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and seek assistance for those in need, be it economic, food or medical support.

Steve Meskers has the track record to go to bat for us all.  He has two years experience as our Representative to Hartford.  Steve has built important relationships with Connecticut’s government officials which are invaluable during this pandemic crisis to advocate for and help nonprofits apply for pandemic relief, residents apply for unemployment insurance and our small businesses apply for SBA PPP loans.

Steve has a 30-year career in Finance and Banking, experience which bodes well for us as we are facing an economy with convulsive impact across our state and the nation. 

Steve is running for re-election for all the right reasons.  He has 16 years experience as a member of the RTM, where I got to know and respect him even more as a fellow colleague on the Old Greenwich District 6 RTM. Steve has continued to serve on the RTM to keep a pulse on the truly local level while being our Representative to Hartford.

We are indeed fortunate to have the dedication and commitment Steve brings to serving the Town of Greenwich. 

Steve’s career in finance and international markets makes him particularly well suited to address the unpaid pension obligations and financing of necessary infrastructure costs that are holding our state back.  Steve voted against the state budget demonstrating his willingness to vote against his party when it does not coincide with the interests of his constituents.  He is truly a rare bi-partisan public servant.

At the state level, Steve will continue to support environmental protection legislation and sensible gun legislation.  Steve has gone after third-party energy providers for unscrupulous sales practices.  Steve Meskers has our backs.

In other words, Stephen Meskers is everywhere, anytime, working on our behalf.  Let’s support Steve for re-election to a second term as our Representative to Hartford for the 150th District.

I look forward to hearing more directly from Steve at the League of Women Voters Zoom debates.

Monica Prihoda

Editor’s note: Letters to the Editor in support of local candidates in the Nov 3, 2020 election may be submitted for consideration beginning July 15 and with a hard deadline of Oct 26, 2020 at noon.