LETTER: Ryan Fazio is Who We Need in Hartford

Letter to the editor from George Fox

We need a new perspective in Hartford.

For too long now, the hard working people of Connecticut have been asked to contribute more and more to our state government.  In just 30 years, Connecticut has gone from having no income tax to boasting the 2nd highest tax burden of any state in the nation.

This shift has resulted in an exodus of employers, young people, and retirees.  At the same time, our representatives in Hartford have shown a complete inability to spend responsibly within our means, saddling us with the 2nd highest debt load and unfunded pension liability in the country. All of this spending without meaningfully addressing our basic needs of safe and sound roads and transportation infrastructure, which Hartford recently proposed be funded by yet-another tax – the implementation of tolls on our roads which would cost the average Connecticut family $538 per year.

While these statistics may be just numbers on a page to the political class running our state, too many of us feel the destabilization of families that comes with job losses, the undermining of communities resulting from such staggering mismanagement, and the loss of hope and opportunity for our children that comes with our bleak fiscal outlook. 

We need a new perspective in Hartford.  We need someone who will speak for our values and the qualities that have made our communities successful in Fairfield County.

Ryan Fazio will have my support in November. His experience representing neighbors in our municipal government and his understanding of fiscal issues give him a strong foundation for leadership.  His determination to cut income tax rates for the first time in state history shows an understanding that we need to put money back into the people’s hands to improve our communities, and not the hands of Hartford.  His commitment to eliminate bureaucracy, thereby reducing the burdens we all face, promises to make Ryan a voice for our interests; exactly what we need in Hartford.

Many of us have worked hard with our neighbors to help make this a successful community. We all deserve a state senator who will represent us with a cognizance of this commitment and who will take the same level of determination to the state capitol.

I am supporting Ryan Fazio for State Senate this November and urge you to support him too.

George Fox

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