ANDERSON: Rachel Khanna Reminds me of my Friends, Livvy Floren and Dolly Powers

Submitted by Carolyn Anderson, Long Term Greenwich Resident, President Anderson Associates Real Estate

Rachel Khanna has my Vote.

When Rachel announced her candidacy to run for our 149th House District, I was elated! She is a brilliant, caring, capable leader. For many years, I have admired her accomplishments, her devotion to Greenwich and our state.  

If you had the opportunity to watch her in recent debates, you saw her style.

She is clear in her support for a woman’s right to choose, gun safety laws, and reducing taxes, such as the estate tax. She believes zoning decisions should be made locally.

In debates, when others presented, she listened. Her innate ability to Listen will give her great strength in working with all parties. We need Legislative Champions. She reminds me of my friends, Livvy Floren and Dolly Powers. Rachel, like these leaders, has high energy, endurance and respect. When she speaks her voice is heard.

Rachel raised 4 children, served on our RTM, and at the same time she wrote books. Read her book, Live Eat Cook Healthy, and you will find delicious recipes she has created for healthy living.

I hope you will join me in voting for Rachel Khanna for state representative in the 149th district.

Carolyn Anderson
Long Term Greenwich Resident
President Anderson Associates Real Estate