LETTER: On this 50th Earth Day, let’s take up the challenge to reduce our waste.

Letter to the editor from Sally Davies, GRAB, Greenwich Recycling Advisory Board

Earth Day on April 22 is here once again to remind us to consider how our actions impact our environment.

Sadly, the 50th anniversary has arrived in the midst of a global pandemic, forcing a somewhat limited celebration.

However, despite these extraordinarily difficult and unprecedented times, we must continue our stewardship of the planet we call home.

It is incumbent upon each of us to make a concerted effort to minimize the amount of waste we produce, even if it is recyclable.  We need to be ever vigilant about what we buy in the first place and how much of it will be discarded.

On that note, I should like to express my sincere appreciation to all those on the front line of managing our waste.  We should be thankful that trash and recycling is still being picked up, that material is still being managed.  The staff at Holly Hill have implemented systems which allow for social distancing.  They are planning creatively and adapting procedures to maintain safe and efficient operations.

Looking forward, a new program which will help reduce waste is the soon-to-be-launched food scrap recycling pilot, organized in conjunction with Waste Free Greenwich and the Town.

Food scraps make up about a quarter of the waste stream, are heavy and wet to incinerate and can be turned into nutrient rich compost, a valuable resource.

We all produce trash but we need to produce less of it.  On this 50th Earth Day, let’s take up the challenge to reduce our waste and think about making every day Earth Day.

Sally Davies
Chair, Greenwich Recycling Advisory Board