Letter: Neighbor to Neighbor Proposed “Supermarket-Like Operation” Would Defile Tomes Higgins House

Letter to the Editor submitted by Jacqueline Lartigue Considine, Oct 11, 2016

Greenwich, CT 06830

The commercial essentials of the actual “Supermarket-like” operation of the proposed Neighbor to Neighbor facility on the Tomes Higgins landscape have been discussed in morbid detail.

Perhaps it’s appropriate now to stand above the minutia and take an omnibus view. I am an artist and teacher who grew up in France with great sensitivity to and appreciation for special beauty.

There is only one Tomes Higgins and its environs, harmonized as one.

It is the epitome of simple 19th century elegance. So sad if such a unique treasure, not just for Christ Church but for all the citizens of Greenwich, is defiled.

Jacqueline Lartigue Considine
Putnam Park