LETTER: My mother got Covid. Meskers fought for her.

Submitted by Robert Van Glahn, Old Greenwich

I would like to share my recent experience with State Representative Steve Meskers and Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo.

On April 15th of this year, my mother Dorothy (89) contracted COVID-19 at her assisted living, Sunrise of Stamford. After a serious fall she was rushed to Stamford Hospital with a broken pelvis. Upon admission she tested positive for COVID-19.

My Mom remained at Stamford Hospital for 2 weeks and subsequently transferred to the FEMA facility in the Old Stamford Hospital building next door. As her legal guardian, I was never consulted regarding her care, but that is for a different letter. Out of desperation, I contacted Mayor of Stamford, David Martin. Mr. Martin stated he could not help but suggested calling my State Representative.

I had no idea who that person was at the time. I found out his name was Steve Meskers and he lived a block away from my home in Old Greenwich. I decided to take a chance, so I walked to his home and rang the bell. This is the moment when thing started to get better for my mother.

There were no nursing homes nor rehabilitation facilities that would accept my Mom because of the COVID-19 diagnosis. The staff at the FEMA facility suggested I bring her to my home for care. This option was not possible due to numerous challenges.

I explained my situation to Steve who reached out to Fred Camillo on my behalf. Through their great efforts, the next day I began conversations with the admissions team at Nathaniel Witherell. The process took 10 days but I am happy to say my Mom is safe and receiving wonderful care at the Nathaniel Witherell.

None of this would have happened without Steve’s efforts. He never stopped fighting for me and my Mother to ensure there would be a place for her at Nathaniel Witherell.

It’s been 4 months since I have seen her but I am happy to report I will have my first outside visit with her this week.

I will be voting for State Representative Steve Meskers this fall and will continue supporting Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo. It does not matter what party you belong to as a Greenwich citizen. What is important is to vote for people who care about the people they represent.