My list of people for whom I wish to honor and remember in this “Call to Help Others”

Submitted by Kate Hohorst, Greenwich

As many of you already know Governor Lamont has issued a Call to Action for Connecticut citizens.

Some of us are not allowed to physically step up as volunteers due to age or pre-existing conditions, but Nutmeggers are being asked to sign up to volunteer for medical, non- medical , and part-time teacher duty.  This holiday Season and Winter will be brutal for all of us.  I know it is tough to send your loved ones out to assist but for those who can – sign up!  If not, donate!

Donate on the same  site through Charity Connection. 

Donations may be made in Honor of someone or  in Memory of someone.

This is a wonderful way to give thanks and to remember those special people that have meant so much to you despite this very strange and immensely tragic holiday season. 

Alas, lacking on the site is a wee bit more space for wordy expressions of gratitude.  Come on!…. an extra line or two would be an awesomely therapeutic way to let us donate and pour out our thoughts anonymously. 

So, lacking this feature, I am just sharing my list of people for whom I wish to honor and remember in this “Call to Help Others.”

Here it is! 

In Honor of:

1. Governor Ned Lamont – I mean, God Bless!

2. Greenwich Selectmen Fred Camillo and Lauren Rabin – Again, God Bless! And, really how did you manage to make Greenwich hot again? By any chance could we have a little socially distanced dancing in the streets too?  Maybe an early hour for young people and later hour for old folks, or vice versa?

3. Our educators and Mr. Sean Goldrick who works tirelessly on behalf of proper funding for the Greenwich Public Schools.  Full disclosure… I do not personally know Mr. Goldrick but am an admirer of his civic work and articles. Thank you!

4. Our healthcare workers and in Memory of: My Grandfather, Dr. Eugene Curtin Sr.; Great Uncle, Dr. Vincent Curtin; and Uncle, Dr. Eugene Curtin Jr. –  between them I think they delivered and tended to almost every resident in Scranton Pa. when I was a child. Yes, a very long time ago…  

In Memory of:

5. My mother, Frances Curtin O’Brien who made her brood of six understand homelessness by dragging us to serve the homeless on Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas Eve. It was always wonderful!

6. My many, many  Irish, English, Welsh and German immigrant ancestors who risked and sacrificed so much to become free people in America between 1682 and 1860.  Most arrived poor, hungry,  and scared and worked brutal hours as farmers and coal miners.  Thanks to them and the kindness of others, I am still here to honor and remember them.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all.