Letter: Head on Bus Collision Highlights Need for NW Fire Station

Letter to the editor submitted by Monica Prihoda, RTM Old Greenwich District 6

To the Editor,

In light of this week’s head on collision between two school buses in the back country area of Greenwich, I am relieved that the Greenwich BET and RTM has approved the consideration of a much needed fire station in the Northwest corner of Greenwich.

The Greenwich Time front page (4/7/19) featured an article on “Fire station faces battle.”

I sincerely hope not.  What is a safety issue for the common good of all Greenwich residents has somehow become a hot potato political issue.

How can that be when time – seconds and minutes – is of the essence in arresting a fire and – in the case of back country car accidents -the fire trucks also carry “the jaws of life” that can save lives by extricating  persons trapped in a vehicle.

Let’s set misguided political agendas aside and maintain a nonpartisan focus on what will keep Greenwich residents safe.

Respecfully yours,
Monica Prihoda
RTM Old Greenwich District 6