LETTER: Greenwich Democrats’ Education and Experience are Unparalleled by Their Rivals

Submitted by Lori Jackson

One of the silver linings of the past 18 months, is that so many new neighbors have chosen Greenwich as their new home. Like you and me, they probably chose our community because of its natural beauty, great schools (public and private), wonderful Town services and amenities, and predictable tax rates. To these new residents, I say, “Welcome!” And I add: to ensure that Greenwich remains the community we all want to live in, please vote in the
municipal elections for the entire slate of Democratic candidates. Why? Because these dedicated public servants both talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk.

Greenwich Democrats have a proven track record of support for our schools, our environment, our local institutions, and our residents. Their education and experience are unparalleled by their rivals – and they believe in qualifications for public positions, not family connections.

Don’t take my word for it, compare their biographies on www.lwvgreenwich.org, and investigate their voting records.

If you take these simple steps, you will find that the Democratic candidates advocated for: funding both the operating and capital budgets for the Greenwich Public Schools as requested by the Board of Education; focusing on climate resilience; improving our energy footprint (saving Town costs); and ensuring that residents in all parts of Town have adequate fire coverage; all while applying their professional expertise to keeping our taxes low, managing risk and building community. In contrast, their opponents have: deferred funding critical investment in public infrastructure (impacting our schools, our storm water system, and a Northwest fire station); delayed implementing climate and energy solutions (which would have saved millions); and moved costs “off-balance-sheet” in the form of additional fees charged to residents (e.g., tipping fees); all the while claiming to have saved money.

In today’s environment, we know that career politicians will say whatever it takes to get elected. However, the facts show that only one slate of candidates actually supports all of our fundamental community values with action as opposed to mere statements. If you want to know what you are voting for, you will join me in voting for the Democratic slate on or before November 2.