Letter: Greenwich Democratic Candidates Do Have Command of Fiscal Issues, Policy Remedies

Letter to the editor submitted by Gina Gladstein, Old Greenwich

I was surprised by the letter to the editor from Mr. John Raben (published Oct 21) claiming that the Greenwich Democratic candidates “talk about almost any subject-except of course, the fiscal mess Connecticut is in.”

I have to say when I heard them speak it seems that is all they talk about. Perhaps Mr. Raben was unable to attend the Greenwich League of Women Voters debate?

What was apparent was the Democratic candidates command of the fiscal issues and important policy remedies our state requires to get us out of this financial mess.

For one, they believe in lowering the corporate tax by repealing sweetheart deals and re- evaluating corporate tax breaks that have amounted to minimal to no benefit to the state. Leveling the overall corporate rate will be a boom to small companies and stimulate entrepreneurship. The candidates also support lowering the income tax in a measured and sensible way unlike the Republican call to eliminate it wholesale, a foolish and unsustainable recommendation. All our Democratic candidates believe in restructuring our unfunded liabilities, a key feature of their tax plan. These are only some of their smart and constructive solutions.

On the social side of their agenda they believe in increasing the minimum wage and pay equality, marriage equality and gun safety. Protecting our air and water supply and disclosing dark money donors. All issues that our Republican candidates have either voted against or misrepresented themselves on.

In my mind the Democrats, Alex Bergstein, Steve Meskers and Laura Kostin, are as we say, “the whole package.” That’s why I support the Democratic ticket on November 6th.

Gina Gladstein
Old Greenwich

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