LETTER: Fazio represents reform and money spent more wisely.

Submitted by Icy Frantz

I will support Ryan Fazio in November, and it’s not because of his party, although Connecticut would fare better with more diversity in Hartford (the Democrats have been in charge for over 32 years.), and it’s not because he is smart and decent, he is both of those of those things, but rather because my ideas and my values align more with Ryan than with his opponent.

When Senator Kasser (formerly Bergstein) won two years ago, she promised the voters a lot. And although she had the luxury of an almost super majority in the state senate, she was unable to pass bills.

Ryan’s opponent is smart, but it takes more than smarts to get things done in Hartford. It takes the ability to build relationships with colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Its takes respect for the process and for the people. And it takes a humble temperament.

Over the last month senators from across our state have endorsed Ryan. Our own first selectman, Fred Camillo, endorsed Ryan. The police forces from both Stamford and Greenwich endorsed Ryan. I endorse Ryan. But who am I?

I am a mother who wants my kids to be in school. Ryan’s opponent signed a letter on August 14th that asked our Governor to keep schools closed. She did not take the time to speak with our town’s elected officials or the Board of Ed. Ryan supported safe school openings and he will continue to support our kids. (and  our working parents who can now work,)

I am a resident in our town, and with that comes responsibility, to pay taxes, but after two of the biggest tax increases (enacted by the majority party) in the history our state, Ryan’s opponent raised taxes again during her two years in office. Ryan represents reform and money spent more wisely.

I am a consumer and I shop at our local businesses and I hear from them how difficult it is to abide by so many regulations. Our state is ranked one of the worst states in our nation to do business. Walk down Greenwich Ave. and you will see many empty store fronts. I want our businesses and our economy to thrive.  And these wants are at the heart of Ryan’s campaign.

I am homeowner and I am incredibly thankful that our local police force has always done an excellent job to protect us and our homes and all of our residents. Ryan’s opponent voted for the Police Accountability bill, a bill that has good components but also some that put our force at risk and make their job harder and ultimately will make our town less safe. Ryan’s opponent did not take the concerns of our local police to Hartford. Ryan supports our police.

I will vote for Ryan Fazio in November because I know with Ryan, we will get a leader who will listen to and have respect for all of his constituents, and he will take our concerns to Hartford. He represents a generation that didn’t create the problems that we have. He represents a generation that we want to attract.  And he represents a party that will bring debate and diversity to Hartford.

I hope you will join me.

Icy Frantz