LETTER: Fazio is All about Education Solutions

Submitted by John McShea, Old Greenwich

As a parent of children in the Greenwich Public School System, education is an important issue for me.  I was deeply concerned by the recent videos of the assistant principal at Cos Cob School and it has prompted me to look closer at the education my children are receiving in our town.  And this has led me to State Senator Ryan Fazio.

What I learned: Ryan is a product of the Greenwich Public School system.  He has spent years volunteering and tutoring in a charter school in the inner city.  And, he has been vocal about his position on the importance of school choice and curriculum transparency as well as the need for a civic curriculum requirement – citing a study by the Woodrow Wilson Institute that concludes only 17% of our younger adults could pass the US citizenship exam.  We must prepare our students to be engaged citizens – and Ryan is working to accomplish that.

When it comes to education Ryan is about solutions. In his short time in office, he has submitted over 30 bills. One that I would like to focus on spoke to the need for our state to emulate successful public education systems, like in Massachusetts.  Why?  because Massachusetts has the best school system in the nation according to the evidence.

Less than 2% of high school seniors drop out and their student’s math and reading scores rank number 1 in the nation.  The environment for learning is also tops, there is the least amount of bullying and Massachusetts is considered the best state for teachers.  And, importantly, Massachusetts offers the most access to higher education for middle and working-class students.  Ryan’s legislation seeks to learn from and emulate the best of education success stories in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and beyond.

The bottom line: I care deeply about what my children learn in school and I want to be a part of it — not excluded.  I want their education to be first rate and I want their teachers to be happy and supported.

I will vote for Ryan Fazio in November because of his commitment to our district and to providing the best possible education for all our children.  I hope you will join me.