LETTER: Fassuliotis Makes Decisions on Facts, Not Emotions or Partisan Sides

Letter to the editor from Andrew Slater

Making the tough decisions is hard to do when you are under the spotlight, but this is not something Karen Fassuliotis has shied away from as a member of the Board of Estimate and Taxation.

Karen is a lawyer and based her input and decisions on facts, not emotions or partisan sides.

She wants what is best for Greenwich and recognizes that many of our population does not make millions of dollars or live in mega-mansions. Many in Greenwich are hard working people who live on fixed incomes. Karen has approached her role on the BET as if she was paying for these decisions out of her own pocket.

That is why she voted against the 2020 budget that showed a 4% increase in spending.

We need people like Karen to bring the check and balance to the BET and to be our voice. Please vote for Karen and the Republican BET incumbents, Bill Drake, Andy Duus, Debra Hess, Mike Mason and Leslie Tarkington on November 5th.

They are all leaders you can count on.