Letter: Elections shouldn’t be popularity contests.

Letter to Editor in support of Laura Kostin, candidate for State Rep in District 151, submitted by Augusta Perrin, Greenwich DTC Member & Resident of District 151

Elections shouldn’t be popularity contests. We can agree that all the candidates running to represent Greenwich in the state assembly are “nice,” they genuinely care about our community and (would) do things to help constituents regardless of party affiliation.

But a legislator’s impact is far more than what they do on a personal level. Their votes say a lot about who and what they care about.

If progressive values are important to you, it’s critical we elect Laura Kostin to represent us in the 151st District. Her opponent, incumbent Fred Camillo, is, as one supporter wrote, “a man with a big heart.” But his policy positions are inconsistent with caring about all constituents, especially the ones who most need protection and economic security.

Camillo voted against legalizing same sex marriage, has supported measures restricting access to abortion, voted against raising the minimum wage, voted against paid sick leave and is on the record opposing paid family medical leave.
On strengthening our democracy, he voted against the National Popular Vote, against expanded access to voting and against strengthening our public campaign financing program.

He has been noticeably silent on President Trump’s egregious statements (sexual assault, Charlottesville, denigrating the military and law enforcement) and policies (forced family separation, purposeful destruction of the Affordable Care Act and tax cuts for the richest 1% while raising taxes for thousands of middle class families in Connecticut).

Laura’s platform demonstrates that she believes in creating economic opportunity by bringing employers back to Connecticut, so that our residents can find good paying jobs again. She also believes families shouldn’t have to choose between their jobs and caring for a family member, and that everyone is entitled to a living wage. That really matters to families in Greenwich. According to the Connecticut United Ways ALICE report, one in four
Greenwich households can’t afford basic necessities. She believes the government should stay out of women’s decisions about family planning.

Laura’s career experience as a working mom, business journalist and producer of national news programs for CNBC, CNN and MSNBC gives her the skills needed to ask the tough questions that legislators must in order to make smart policy decisions. Just as she successfully ran for the RTM last year, Laura stepped up to the plate to represent the 151 st district because she cares about the well-being of Greenwich and the rest of the state. She deserves your vote.

Augusta Perrin
Greenwich DTC Member &
Resident of District 151

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