Letter: Camillo is Committed to the Greenwich Community

Letter to the editor from Joseph Iannuccilli, Greenwich

I have known and worked closely with Fred Camillo for over 38 years. I met Fred in his early twenties and admired the way he started his own business, put himself through school and earned two degrees. All of this while serving in local government and volunteering in youth athletics.

I served with Fred as a fellow Board Member for Greenwich Youth Baseball and the Greenwich Baseball Foundation. Now as State Representative, Fred has continued his commitment to the Greenwich community.

His honesty, strong work ethic, intelligence, common sense and passion in business, as a politician and a volunteer molded Fred into a strong leader and, frankly, a breadth of fresh air.

The interests in Greenwich residents, particularly the youth of our Town and his customers were consistently kept first.

Without a doubt, Fred will advance worthwhile causes at Town Hall resulting in improvement for all residents regardless of their party affiliation.

Fred Camillo should clearly be elected as First Selectman and I urge you to vote for Fred.

Joseph Iannuccilli