LETTER: Camillo Is a Leader for Our Time

Letter to the editor from Elyse R. Brodie and Jonathan D. Brodie, PhD, MD, Old Greenwich

In an era marked by coarse expressions of rage and intolerance, when reasoned discourse is almost obsolete, when “talking” has become an exercise in manual dexterity, when critical thinking is mistakenly confused with “googling”, when thoughtful consideration of complex issues has become a casualty of soundbites, divisiveness and pejorative labels, it is indeed refreshing for us to identify and support the candidacy of Fred Camillo for First Selectman of Greenwich.

He is politically experienced, rejects the politics of divisiveness whether it be on the basis of gender, race, wealth or other parameters that serve to divide us rather than unite us.

Although the writers of this letter often hold widely disparate views of many of the issues that confront us both in Greenwich and in our country as a whole, we are both impressed with Fred’s vast experience in local government and in particular his support of healthcare related initiatives that benefit our entire community.

These include his cosponsoring of the recent 2019 bill to replace the dual arrest standard for domestic violence calls in favor of a primary aggressor standard so that women would not be unduly penalized and dissuaded from seeking help.

He also voted to pass a 2018 bill expanding essential health benefits to include vital care for women and children.

He cosponsored a 2019 law that enabled additional education for preventative healthcare including breast cancer screening.

His awareness and support of initiatives that impact mental health of mothers and children extends yet further to include working with local authority to provide housing to victims of domestic violence.

He was a key early supporter of Connecticut Protective Moms which has the purpose of trying to provide support for mothers and children who are in the midst of acrimonious divorce proceedings.

Fred is also the man who was a tireless umpire when my children played baseball, who personified fairness, discipline, responsible expressions of different opinions by children and parents alike because that is the essence of the Greenwich we would like to be; a place where good people live and work and commute and play and interact.

Following extensive conversations with him as well as a careful examination of his public record, we believe that Fred Camillo would continue to work on a bipartisan basis for the good of all the people of Greenwich. He is clearly a man of honor and merits our trust.

History shows that he is committed to all of the people and knows how to be effective in the political arena. We are proud to support his candidacy and expect that his personal qualities and political abilities will well serve the entire Greenwich community. We celebrate our differences but embrace our commonality. He indeed is one of us and all of us. Integrity, decency, and humanity and public service – who better to be elected First Selectman than Fred Camillo.

Elyse R. Brodie
Jonathan D. Brodie, PhD, MD
Old Greenwich