Letter: Camillo Instrumental in Cos Cob Park’s Emil “Bennie” Benvenuto Field

Letter to the editor from Costantino ( Gus ) Bruno, September 26, 2016

To the Editor,

I grew up in Cos Cob and graduated from Greenwich High School, but have lived out of state most of my adult life. Therefore, when I received an unexpected phone call from Representative Fred Camillo last winter, I was initially surprised and then very gratified to hear from him. Fred was calling to inform me that the Athletic Playing Field at the new Cos Cob Park was to be named in memory of my cousin, Emil “Bennie” Benvenuto (State Senator and District 151, State Representative for six terms).

This memorial is a deeply appreciated honor for an extraordinary man and, as I learned, Fred Camillo was instrumental in suggesting the project and in bringing it to fruition on May 18, 2016, with a moving dedication ceremony.

Fred took a very active role in all aspects of this project. He requested the memorial designation before the Board of Selectmen and personally handled details and arrangements over the course of several months. These included working with various departments, the sign company, catering company, local dignitaries and leaders, plus family and friends. The resulting memorial dedication was poignant to those who attended; the Athletic Field and Cos Cob Park will surely be of benefit to the local residents for years to come. That would make Bennie very proud!

State Representative, Fred Camillo, serves District 151 — the seat formerly held by Bennie Benevenuto. Having come to know Fred over the course of this project, I believe that he knowledgeably, tirelessly, and capably serves his constituents. He demonstrates the very highest qualities of a concerned and caring representative of his district and thus, he carries on Bennie’s legacy. I feel confident that if Bennie were still alive, he would enthusiastically endorse Fred for re-election on November 8, 2016.

On behalf of Bennie’s family and friends, I express my sincere appreciation to Fred Camillo for championing this project and for helping bring it to completion.

Costantino ( Gus ) Bruno