LETTER: Bonding to Pay for Transportation Infrastructure Lets Out-of-Staters off the Hook

Letter to the editor from Westport resident Joëlle Berger

Dear Editor,

Nobody really likes tolls…. unless they are a better option than the alternatives.

What I do not like is that my daily commute to GCT is now 30 minutes longer. As a consequence, the value of my home in Westport has decreased.

What I do not like is worrying about the safety of the roads and bridges while traveling on the CT highways. 57% of public roads in CT are in poor condition; 338 bridges rated as structurally deficient.

What I really do not like is that these issues are becoming divisive instead of bringing all of the CT residents together to find fair and common sense solutions.

Nobody denies that there is an infrastructure crisis in CT.   

CT is the only state on the eastern seaboard without tolls to fix these problems.

Bonding is not a sustainable source of revenue.   Also, it lets out-of-staters off the hook.   CT residents should not have to pay 100% of the costs when out-of-state drivers represent 40% of the traffic.  

Introducing Fair, Safe and Flexible tolls is a much better solution for the long-term safety and health of our beautiful state.  

CT can do better!!

Joëlle Berger
Westport, CT