LETTER: Blight Ordinance Represents Progress and Bipartisan Cooperation in Greenwich

Submitted by Chris Carletti, Greenwich

Now that Greenwich’s “Blight Ordinance” has been in place for a couple of years, I am pleased to see very positive results. Shortly after passage of the ordinance, one collapsing structure in my area on Riversville Rd was sold and demolished and is being replaced with a beautiful new home that is close to being completed.


Another structure in Pemberwick that was overrun with rats and raccoons has been razed and the property thoroughly cleaned up. I understand there are similar success stories in other parts of town.
Several members of the RTM (from both parties) worked diligently for many months to craft the ordinance.

In this age of hyper-partisan politics, I was very pleased to see people from both sides of the aisle working together to benefit the community. I also sincerely appreciate Fred Camillo stepping up, after promising to support the ordinance for the good of the community. He did exactly that, helping to garner support within the community and the RTM for passage of the ordinance. What I appreciate about Fred is I have seen he supports what’s good for Greenwich at large, not just what’s good for his party. I think we would all be much better off if our political leaders acted in the best interests of all their constituents like Fred did. I believe Fred Camillo’s support for the entire Town of Greenwich sets an excellent example.