LETTER: Arora Was My Go-To for Information on SBA Loans and Unemployment

Submitted by Jolie Goldring, Greenwich

I’d like to take a moment to show my support for State Representative Harry Arora (R). 

I am happy to point out that Rep. Arora was my go-to for information as it pertained to the SBA loans and what I was or wasn’t entitled to with Unemployment. 

I am a 1099 Independent Contractor and this was the most unusual and confusing of circumstances.  Rep. Arora was kind and held many zoom calls to help us navigate the rules and policies of these complex loans and processes.

Mr. Arora responded immediately and efficiently to any and all questions I personally had. Small Businesses are the backbone of this town and I am proud to say Rep. Arora understands and unwaveringly supports these businesses.

He has worked tirelessly for our town and I am hopeful that his constituents re-elect Harry Arora!

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