LETTER: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Submitted by Beth Macgillivray

I met Alex when our oldest sons were in Kindergarten at Glenville
School, in 2002.

So much has changed since she has become Senator.

I sent a couple emails to Senator Kasser regarding a question about the
pandemic quarantine. No answer.

I met Alex in the lobby of the Capital building during the Tolls/No
Tolls rally. She arrived in the lobby when the media was present and followed them into the conference room. When the media departed, she did too. Constituents were voicing their opinions until 1AM. Alex was long gone. She lasted about an hour of a marathon meeting.

Now, Alex is quoted in the paper that she is too busy to campaign.

Recently, she voted yes for the Police Accountability Bill, which puts undue burdens on our CT police. This bill manifested after possible police brutality in other areas of the country. When was the last time you heard about police brutality in Stamford, New Canaan, and Greenwich?

In Connecticut we have a state police force that leads the country in pursuing best practices, as evidenced by the Connecticut State Police being the third in the nation to receive International Law Enforcement Accreditation.

Alex may enjoy the title of Senator, but she sure is done with listening, knowing, and understanding her community. I will vote for Ryan Fazio.

Beth Macgillivray

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