Himes: Marzullo is a Hardworking and Dedicated Public Servant

Letter To The Editor,

I  write today to voice my strong endorsement of Drew Marzullo as he seeks his fourth term on our Board of Selectmen. I know Drew to be a hardworking and able public servant, and his record as Selectman demonstrates his continued dedication to the people of Greenwich.

As both a friend and a colleague, it has been a pleasure to watch Drew work so tirelessly for our community. He has shown a steadfast commitment to public service through a background that includes 22 years as a local paramedic and strong advocacy for much needed capital projects that include a  state of the art public school located in Byram and enhancements to our parks and beaches. Drew and I share a belief that constituents’ needs should always trump partisan politics, and he has certainly acted on this conviction during his three terms as Selectman. I know that Drew is the thoughtful and energetic leader that Greenwich needs, and I hope that you will join me in supporting him again this November.

Jim Himes