Fazio: We Need a Positive Change in the Capitol

Press Release from Ryan Fazio:

The Republican Party has unanimously nominated state Senator Ryan Fazio to represent New
Canaan, Stamford, and Greenwich for a second term. Sen. Fazio explained that he is running for re-election because “I feel a greater urgency than ever before to protect the interests of our district and
bring positive change to our state.”

Sen. Fazio is serving in his first term after flipping the 36th Senate district from Democratic to Republican hands in last summer’s special election.

The race made national news as the first state or national office in the country to change party control since the 2020 election. Fazio has worked across the aisle whenever possible, including as ranking
member of the Aging Committee and as a member of the Education and Finance Committees in the Senate.

In his first term, Fazio authored a bill to improve mental health in schools, which was incorporated into a larger bipartisan bill and passed. He co-sponsored and advocated for other bipartisan bills to improve the environment and public safety, which became law. He also joined local colleagues in advocating for important state investments in Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan.

“This election represents a once-in-a-decade opportunity for our district and state. This year is our chance to bring people together to create a positive change.”

Sen. Fazio stated his priorities for the next term: “We can provide real tax relief for everyone and pass wholesale economic reforms to reduce soaring inflation. We can protect local control and make housing affordable in a sustainable way. We can make CT schools the best in the nation, our neighborhoods safe for everyone, and create hope for the next generation.”

Fazio was nominated by long-time Greenwich Town Clerk Carmella Budkins who remarked, “I’ve worked with an awful lot of candidates over the years but I never saw a candidate work harder than Ryan. And it wasn’t just Ryan. It was all of you in this room and Republicans across Connecticut who worked hard, campaigned, and delivered that victory. And I ask you now, ‘Are you ready to do it again?’” New Canaan town Treasurer Andrew Brooks gave the seconding speech, describing Fazio’s ability to listen to constituents and colleagues as reason for his support.

“Ryan listens to his constituents. He knows the economic pain that families are feeling. He has written over a dozen bills to reduce their taxes and cost of living.”

Fazio concluded his acceptance speech: “Given the sky-high inflation and attacks on local control, one might think that there is reason for discouragement in our state. But I disagree. I think that we live in the best community in the best state with all the potential in the world. All we need is a positive change in the Capitol so that our state can succeed like never before.”

To learn more about the campaign, please visit the website at ryanfazio.com, follow on Facebook, or email at [email protected].