Letter: Voters Decide Which Party Chairs the BET; Support Republican-Endorsed BET Candidates

Letter to the editor submitted by Republican Candidates for the BET

To the Editor,

With the quickly-approaching November 7th election, all Greenwich voters will soon have critical choices among candidates. The choices are clear. We ask that Greenwich voters support all of the Republican-endorsed candidates, appearing in Line B of the ballot.

Running at the top of the ticket are First Selectman Peter Tesei and Selectman John Toner. Their financial acumen and thoughtful leadership have served all of Greenwich, regardless of political affiliation, well. This is especially remarkable given the unprecedented challenges arising due to the State’s financial crisis.

This performance is nothing new. Now in his fifth term as First Selectman, Peter has served Greenwich very ably in many capacities, ever since joining the RTM at age 18 as one of its youngest members ever.

The other endorsed members of the Republican ticket are also uniquely qualified to
carry out their duties as Town representatives serving you.

Not among the voters’ choices, however, will be the identity of those who will comprise the new BET.

By  Town Charter, there can be only six Republicans and six Democrats candidates for the twelve-member BET on the ballot. But voters will decide which party will chair the BET, a person who is selected from among the BET candidates representing the party receiving the higher aggregate number of votes.

Your choice in the voting booth is important; even though the BET has a long record of all of its members working together productively and collegially, the BET Chair is the key person in determining the BET’s priorities and direction.

We look forward to your support on November 7.

Your vote matters and we ask that you support all of the Republican-endorsed candidates on Row B.

Republican Candidates for the BET

Bill Drake
Andy Duus
Karen Fassuliotis
Debra Hess
Mike Mason
Leslie Tarkington