DODSON: “GHS Climate Emergency Resolution” Comes from Activist Group’s Template

Submitted by Philip Dodson, Cos Cob

The Greenwich Board of Selectmen at their next regular meeting are going to take a vote on a resolution declaring a “Climate Emergency”. The resolution comes from an activist group requesting its enactment by the BOS.

The group behind this resolution was originally described as a group of GHS students that are members of the Greenwich Environmental Advocacy Group (GEAG). The GEAG is not associated with GHS as a club or organization and is open to any students or persons that wish to join. 

The GEAG is actually a local chapter of the international organization named ““. The national wants to eliminate all fossil fuels and block all the industry’s projects and financing. The advocates “Climate Emergency Resolutions” to be passed at all levels of government throughout the country and world.

The resolution presented by GEAG is an obvious adaptation of templates found online for groups to use in writing “Climate Emergency Resolutions”. Similar boilerplate language is used throughout the resolution that the students presented.

The movement receives some of its funding from George Soros foundations which says everything you need to know about the organization and its political agenda. 

The local Greenwich Environmental Advocacy Group webpage states they are a local chapter of working to advocate passage of a “Climate Emergency Resolution” for the town of Greenwich.

The resolution would declare a “Climate Emergency” and commitment to establishing town policies and budgets as outlined by GEAG in their resolution. 

The same climate emergency resolution was presented at a P&Z Commission meeting whose members properly decided not to take any vote for, or against the resolution. It’s unfortunate our Board of Selectmen are apparently going to vote for this resolution without proper due diligence about the activist group “” that supports these resolutions worldwide.

The Board of Selectmen should also decline to take any action on this resolution.