Dadakis: O’Neill Works Collaboratively, Greenwich School Board is Back on Track

One of the anchors of our community is our outstanding public school system.  Not only does Greenwich have excellent teachers but a lot of tax dollars are spent to assure students have state of the art facilities.  This drives the success of our town’s children keeping Greenwich a premier place to live.

The lynchpin is an effective Board of Education exercising proper oversight over the school administration while working collaboratively with fellow board members, teachers, staff and parents.  Working collaboratively doesn’t seem like much to ask, but after a period of dysfunction, Greenwich’s school board is back on track.

One of the key reasons is Chairman Barbara O’Neill.  Barbara has a deep understanding of the education system garnered by spending 35 years as an educator.  She understands it takes hard work and a spirit of cooperation.  Barbara’s success has been so profound that in November 2014 the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education recognized our Greenwich Board with the Leadership Award for High Standards, Dedication and Teamwork.  Such recognition would have been unthinkable several years ago.

Collaborative work can probably best be seen in her efforts to address Hartford’s concern over Greenwich’s racial balance plan.  She did not scream, jump up and down, or alarm residents about what might happen.  Instead she worked effectively with State officials to secure a plan focusing on student achievement and community schools while rejecting a redistricting and possible busing plan–first hand proof she knows leadership is about getting things done.

She has also worked effectively within budget guidelines which protects taxpayers, monitored the roll out of digital learning, endorsed new courses for advanced English and science learning, authorized a committee to study school start times and so much more.

I’m grateful to Barbara for again making us proud of our Board of Education.  Let’s thank her by voting for Barbara O’Neill for Board of Education on Election Day, Tuesday November 3rd.

Edward D. Dadakis