Abbe Large: Why would anyone consider this man to run for our State Senate in the special election on August 17th?

Submitted by Abbe Large, Greenwich

John Blankley. Why would anyone consider this man to run for our State Senate? Well, besides the fact that he has lived in Greenwich for 40 years, he has raised his children here and now helping raise his grandchildren. I can say he is a wonderful father and grandfather; supportive and loving. He’s also an amazing friend and husband. But, beyond that, what qualifies this man to represent the 36th district? I met Mr. Blankley while we were on the GPS School Lunch Fund Committee together. He was deployed by the BET as liaison and I, deployed as an RTM Education Committee Rep, as well as the Health and Wellness Rep for Parent Teacher Association Committee (PTAC). While working together, he was willing to listen, respect, understand, and appreciate the information. He was open minded about topics he was not aware of and understood the data to drive the right answers for solutions to the public schools.

His passion for the public schools and doing what is right was apparent then and it’s apparent still. He openly fights for what is right for our taxes, our parks, our infrastructure, our children and the future of Greenwich.

This isn’t about politics. This is about doing what is right for our community. Having someone representing our public schools, our facilities, our neighborhoods and doing it with fiscal responsibility. I have been involved in town politics for a while now and, I have to say, he’s one of the few people I’ve met and know that will listen to the “other side”. The data. The numbers. Take his resilience (after all, he is running unaffiliated and not part of any party) and experience as a business owner and entrepreneur and help our town thrive.

Please vote for John Blankley, the independent candidate for State Senate on August 17th.


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• Deadline to submit is Aug 10 (one week before election)

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