200+ Greenwich Residents: Hector Arzeno is the Candidate with Character.

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This November 3, as we celebrate the ratification of the 19th Amendment, we remember that women belong in all places where decisions are being made, and one of those places is most definitely at the ballot box.

Hector Arzeno is the only candidate in the race for the 151st District who earned endorsements from Moms Demand Action, CT Against Gun Violence, NARAL Pro-Choice, and Planned Parenthood. Hector Arzeno is a vigorous advocate for public health, protection from gun violence, and our right to vote safely.

He consistently champions the fiscal and social values we cherish here in Greenwich.

As Cheryl Moss said, “A vote for Hector Arzeno is a vote for Greenwich Values!”

His commitment to a non-partisan and cooperative approach to advocacy ensures we are all represented in Hartford.

Hector listens to all constituents regardless of party affiliation, and his unwavering devotion to our liberties and values unequivocally renders Hector Arzeno the best candidate for the job.

As notably remarked by Priscilla Almodovar, Former White & Case LLP Partner, Former JPMorgan Chase Managing Director, Current CEO, Enterprise Community Partners, “He [Hector] creates opportunity for all people. He treats everyone equally and with respect.  He brings people together.  He listens.  He leads in a confident, friendly way. He understands the importance of small businesses and their contributions to a local economy.  He cares about the environment. He is a family man (and a proud grandfather!) and a loyal friend. He brings an abundance of youthful energy, optimism and curiosity to everything in his life. He will bring his many years in business to serve the public – that means all of you.  What good fortune for Greenwich – you couldn’t ask for a better public servant.”

Hector is filled with passion, dedicated commitment and a strong desire to do what is right for our Town. He is genuine, considerate, and extremely hard working. Simply put, Hector cares deeply about all of us and this Town, and we are all lucky to have him in our corner.

List of Greenwich resident signatures in support Hector’s candidacy for State Representative for the 151st District of CT:

Luz Agrest, Andrea Alders­on, Francia Alverez, Ida Angland, Audrey Appleby, Mabél Artega Balestra, Christine Arzeno, Jen Barro, Katie Bartels, Anne E. Beatty, Phyllis Behlen, Jeanine Behr Getz, Judith Berg, Deborah Berner, Emily Bierman, Anne Blumensaadt, Amanda Br­aiotta, Mary Elle Bucci, Erica Buchsbaum, Allyson Buck, Susan Burnett, Jennifer Butler, Bea Carmuega, Angela Chambers, Veronica Chiavaroli, Danielle Clark, Margo Cole, Elizabeth Cook Peyton, Leslie Cooper, Sarah Correa, Emily Curry-Brown, Donna Curtis, Sarah Damsky, Kerith Davies, Jan DeAngelo, Joanne DeFina, Jean Di Vincenzo, Julie DesChamps, Sophie Dixon, Stephanie Douglass, Christine Larson Edwards, Jess Enright-Polanish, Valerie Erde, Lindsey Fahey, Kennedy Fahey, Jennifer Feenstra, Debra Feldman, Pamela Ferraro, Pat Ferris, Carolina Figueroa, Beth Finger, Naomi Fischer, Daisy Florin, Mary Flynn, Nancy Fogwell, Karen Free Royce, Dawn Fuller, Kelly Fuscaldo, Lynn Garelick, Sabrina Getz, Ali Ghiorsi, Karen Giannuzi,  Dana Gordon, Raena Greenbaum, Lexi Guillame, Natalie Gustafson, Mareta Hamra, Susan Hanna, Amy Harr, Kate Harvey, Dawn Hasapi, Kelly Haslun, Emma Haslun, Alanna Hassan, Karen Hasterok, Nicole Heath, Amy Herman, Diane Herman, Susannah Heyworth, Mary Himes, Zeena Hine, Janet Huley, Emily Hunt, Trish Hussey, Holly Izant-McSharry, Lori Jackson, Allison Jackson, Nancy E. Katz, Marianna Keels, Alex Kelemen, Pamela Kelly, Rachel Khanna, Sophie Khanna, Kieran Khanna, Anjali Khanna, Laura Khanna, Laura Kostin, Lucy Krasonr, Beth Kreumich, Miriam Kreuzer, Kathryn La Vay, Lin Lavery, Jennette Leal, Dana Lynn Lee, Tanya Leonard, Marina Levine, Katherine LoBalbo, Kristine Lowe, Dina Lunder, Victoria Lunt, Sally Mann, S. Gabriella Marcus, Mary Ellen Markowitz, Lyle McGrath, Megan McLeod, Janet McMahon, Shelly Burtt Meltzer, Diana Mertinez, Victoria Meskers, Monica Meskers, Isabel Meskers, Kathleen Meyer, Virginia Meyer, Malaine Miller, Kristin Miller, Sue Mirza, Anna Monteiro, Noelle Moore, Jean P. Moore, Leslie Moriarty, Rhonda Morley, Susan Morris, Cheryl Moss, Jackie Moy, Trevor Mullineaux, Alice Mullins, Janet Murphy, Jill Oberlander, Trina O’Carroll, Emily O’Conner, Lorelei O’Hagan, Danielle Ojjeh, Megan Ollson, Anne Orrum, Linda F. Otness, Phyllis Oxman, Louis Palmer, Nora Yanet Parry, Justine Perloe, Augusta Perrin, Liz Perry, Paula Picco, Nerlyn Pierson, Krista Pietrafeso, Bharti Prakash Chojar, Monica Prihoda, Carrie Pryor, Jean Raben, Stephanie Raia, Nancy Ramer, Maryann Ramos, Michele Ronis, Wesley Royce, Molly Saleeby,  Kim Salomon, Barbara Salop, Jennifer Salop, Elizabeth Sanders Mills, Juliet Schnur, Nancie Schwarzman, Lisa Scolnik, Michell Setterberg, Paige Setterberg, Brooke Setterberg, Lindsey Shamshoian, Mary Shaw Halsey Marks, Lillian Sharon Shisler, Rachel Simon, Margaret Simon, Adrianna Singer, Pam Sloane, Laura Smith, Majorie R. Smith, Michaela Smith, Jennifer Snyder, Jennifer Socci, Elen Sotzing, Sandy Soule, N. Christine Stahly, Alexandra Stevens, Janet Stone McGuigan, Kathleen Stowe, Jenn Stranzel, Mary Sullivan, Carolyn Surgent, Joanna Swomley, Megan Tabor, Carla Tabossi, Linda Talbert, Joan Thakor, Sudip Thakor, Christine Toback, Julie Tretiak, Tana Vanderslice, Lucy Von Brachel, Kati von Knorring, Brita Darany von Regensburg, Charlotte Walker, Svetlana Wasserman, Nancy Watson, Courtney Weil, Marianna Weill, Anne Wichman, Jane C. Weisnecker, Meg Wildrick, Stephanie Woodward, Julie Oh Ybarra, Victoria Martin Young, Cathy Youngman, Kelly Youngman, Amelia Youngman, Barbara Zappavigna, Jennifer Zinsser-Wilson