Born in Time for Valentine’s Day

By Courtney Oar, GHS Class of ’14

Despite the recent stow away of nutcrackers and dreams of sugar plum fairies we are never too far behind on ringing in the next holiday. Valentines day- though it is so blatantly a Hallmark holiday never ceases to be one of my personal favorite occasions. I’ve always held a close connection to this holiday due in part to the fact that I was born on February the 13th particular week was always the most glamorized period of time because of all the great things that happened for me within it like, the candy and presents I received.

As I find myself maturing Valentines Day starts to take on a new meaning, the only appropriate words to define it seem to be first and forever. The history of forever binds together all the power couples of the world such as, John and Yoko, Anthony and Cleopatra, Will and Kate. Yet, it also gives depth to new couples and promotes the exploration of romanticism.

Valentines Day is a holiday that reminds us of how raw and spontaneous love can be. Though it seems to hold more stock in the lives of couples, it redefines forever by helping us as individuals, realize that we have the ability to radiate love in a number of ways. Valentines Day helps us to remember our gratitude for life and for all of the significant people in our lives. At seventeen, I find myself wedged between a ton of firsts and forevers. I’ve discovered that Valentines Day in itself always gives me this subliminal spark of hope that something miraculous could occur. For me, it evokes a lost admiration for the universe and leaves me feeling gracious for the feeling of love and of course Godiva.