Greenwich’s Black Forest Pastry Shop: Baeckermeister on Lewis Street

While Greenwich does have a lot of excellent bakeries, there is one centrally located right off the Avenue that is unique and definitely worth trying: Black Forest Pastry Shop!

Ed and Louise Mueller, Ed being a classically trained Baeckermeister, or “master baker,” founded Black Forest Pastry Shop in 1982. Ed and Louise built the foundation for the bakery, using traditional hand-crafted baking methods for which the bakery has become quite well-known.

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Herb Mueller decorating a cake for a customer. Credit: Mary Rowley.

Their son Herb grew up in the family business, and, after completing an impressive apprenticeship in Germany, then graduated from the Culinary Institute of America’s Baking and Pastry Arts program. He partnered with friend Dan Puffer to carry on the business and continue using German baking traditions to create both authentic and contemporary pastries.

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Dan Puffer greeting a customer. Credit: Mary Rowley.

Dan Puffer, whom you might have seen bustling around the store, takes pride in how the store’s reputation extends past Greenwich. “We have a strong local base of clients, but also a lot of people who come from New York and other places who show us that word-of-mouth really is a big part of our business,” Puffer said.

There are always people coming in who have heard of the bakery’s delicious treats and want to try the Sarah Bernhardts or the famous chocolate mousse bomb. Dan continues to say how Black Forest is always planning for something around the corner. “June is a busy graduation and wedding time, there’s Mother’s Day in May and a bunch of smaller holidays people will always be celebrating like the Super Bowl or St. Patrick’s Day… For example, we just made a cake for someone who got a new car and cupcakes for someone celebrating the life of their dog! There’s always an excuse for a cake; that’s where we come in.”

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Main display featuring New York Rangers-themed cookies and arrangements for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Credit: Mary Rowley.

Stop by 52 Lewis Street right off Greenwich Avenue to experience the custom German creations and specialties that are the Black Forest Pastry Shop!

Black Forest Pastry Shop is located at 52 Lewis Street, Greenwich CT. Tel: (203) 629-9330.



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