Greenwich Land Trust Surpasses 1,000 Acres Conserved

Greenwich Land Trust proudly announces a momentous milestone with the successful acquisition of 143 acres from The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut.

This strategic land transfer not only expands Greenwich Land Trust’s portfolio of conservation properties but also propels their total conserved land to over 1,000 acres, marking a significant achievement in conserving and stewarding the natural beauty and biodiversity of Greenwich.

The 143 acres cover 10 different parcels along the upper portions of the Byram River that range in size from 51 acres to just over 2.5 acres. The transfer includes a 4-acre conservation easement as well.

Together with existing conservation properties, the extensive stretch along the Byram River is a jewel of ecological diversity. The land contains a diverse range of ecosystems, including hardwood forests, wetlands, river bottoms and parts of Byram River gorge.

“Since 1976, Greenwich Land Trust has been partnering with land donors, public utilities and state and local government agencies to conserve open space and enjoys a demonstrated record of effective land stewardship. We are incredibly grateful to TNC for donating these environmentally significant parcels to Greenwich Land Trust,” said Jackie Keeshan, Greenwich Land Trust Board President.

By bringing this parcel under local stewardship, the Greenwich Land Trust aims to maintain the ecological connectivity of the river corridor, protect critical wildlife habitats, and enhance recreational opportunities for residents.

“This 143-acre land transfer is a moment of celebration and gratitude,” said Will Kies, Executive Director of Greenwich Land Trust. “This acquisition not only pushes us over the 1,000-acre mark but strengthens our commitment to conservation throughout our community.”

The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut recognizes Greenwich Land Trust’s proven track record in conservation stewardship and its deep roots within the local community. The land transfer aligns with both organizations’ shared goal of ensuring that ecologically significant areas are managed and protected for the benefit of current and future generations of local residents and species who call the land home.

“As fellow stewards of the environment, The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut is pleased to collaborate with Greenwich Land Trust in this significant land transfer,” said Sarah Pellegrino, Land Protection and Strategies Manager at The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut.

“This milestone not only marks the expansion of conserved lands, but also exemplifies the power of partnerships in achieving lasting conservation impact. We are proud to have protected this land for the past 60 years and feel inspired to see the great respect Greenwich has for it as well.”

Greenwich Land Trust will embark on a series of community engagement initiatives to celebrate this achievement. These efforts include guided hikes, educational programs, and outreach activities to raise awareness about the importance of land conservation in maintaining the region’s ecological balance and ensuring a sustainable future.

Greenwich Land Trust expresses its gratitude to The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut, donors, and community members for their collective efforts in reaching this milestone. Looking ahead, the organization remains dedicated to expanding its conservation footprint and fostering a harmonious relationship between nature and the community.