Christ Church to Host Ice Cream Social for LGBTQ+ and Allies

Christ Church is hosting an ice cream social for the LGBTQ+ community on Sunday, June 26, 2022 at 4:00pm. Children, youth, families, singles, and every combo are welcome.

The event will behind the Tomes- Higgins House (next to Christ Church Greenwich) at 216 East Putnam Avenue in Greenwich.

“Join us for a social gathering for the LGBTQ+ community and the people who love and support them,” organizers said. “Enjoy the ice cream truck, bring friends and meet new ones. Our first event was overwhelmingly popular and now we look forward to gathering in person again.”

Christ Church is a community of people committed to living the way of God’s unconditional, unselfish love for every human being regardless of gender, sexual identity or orientation.

They believe that God loves us all – no exceptions.

Steve Meskers said he planned to attend, not as a candidate or as a State Rep.

“I will be there as a brother and a father and a member of my community. We have seen enough to know that every voice matters, and that every one of us has a place and belongs in this world,” he said.

“There are nasty voices at work challenging our beliefs in a common humanity and it’s important to push back,” he continued, adding that he wanted to show his support for members of the community whose humanity has been challenged.

“We are all God’s children,” he added.

Christ Church is a lively community of faith composed of people with diverse backgrounds, circumstances, and spiritual journeys, bound together by God’s love for all people everywhere and united in the common mission to seek and serve God in all persons. We fulfill this work through the dedicated ministries of over 300 volunteers annually, who serve on more than 40 commissions, committees, guilds and task forces. In addition, the church hosts and supports more than 20 community meetings per week including 12-step programs, choral and music groups, neighborhood groups, and children’s programs. The Christ Church Preschool is a regional leader in early education, and our bookstore, Dogwood Gifts and Books, is a thriving resource of both faith-based and secular books. Their 40-year partnership with Neighbor to Neighbor allows them to serve those in Greenwich who are in need of food.

The Mission of Christ Church Greenwich is to be a vibrant Episcopal community proclaiming God’s love for every human being, no exceptions. Following Jesus’ teachings is their compass for personal growth, community outreach and harmonious living. Its vision is to seek and serve God in all people through inspiration from the Bible, worship, community outreach, music, and art in our sacred historic home.