Greenwich Tree Conservancy Announces 2017 Awesome Tree Contest Winners

Category 1: Express Yourself Artistic Photograph of a Tree or Trees

Judges: Cheryl Dunson and Pat Ohnell, Cheryl presenting
Honorable Mention: Ann Tillman
3rd place: Claire Aube
2nd place: Korrine VanNess
1st Place: Ashton Borcherding

Living Art, honorable mention

Living Art, honorable mention

Category 2: Living Art: Two dimensional representation of a tree in medium of choice

Judges: Leslie Petrick and Friends
HM: Liza Kamen
HM: Giselle Grey
3rd place: Hazel Jarvis
2nd place.. Kathie Milligan
1st Place: Frank Guida

Category 3: Looking Closer: macro or cropped image of a tree
Judges: Lisa Beebe and Andy Chapin
Honorable Mention: Sandrine De Coster
3rd place: Steve Conaway
2nd place: Susan Griffin
1st Place: Hamah Reider

Category 4: Reaching Out–Photograph focused on branches and roots
• Judges: Ulring Searle and Mark Greenwald
HM: Susanna Warne
HM: Julia Howe
3rd place: Alicia Sherry
2nd place: Daniel Dachille
1st place: Eric Kamen

Category 5: Love Letters: Share written affection for a tree

Judges: Miriam Memin & Ginny Gwynn
HM: Timothey Huff
HM Tommy Sandford
3rd place: Arlene Mark
2nd place: Doma Palmer
1st place: Helene Wilson