Greenwich Sustainability Committee Kicks off with Discussion of Forests, Trees and Brain Health

The Greenwich Sustainability Committee is having its kickoff event to its Speaker Series on Thursday, September 28 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm at the Second Congregational Church.

This event is in partnership with the Greenwich Tree Conservancy and will feature the renown Dr. Susan Masino, who will conduct a dynamic discussion of Forests, Trees and Brain Health.

Masino’s research shows that forests support public health – especially brain health – and that they are a rich source of new medicines.

“Public land must be dedicated to the public good,” Masino said. “Aside from the climate crisis, as we become more urbanized, natural forests will become even more valuable for respite, recreation, science, and many physiological benefits. We need to immediately reassess policies and leverage interdisciplinary science…” to protect our existing tree canopy.

The conversation will be introduced by Urling Searle, President of the Greenwich Tree Conservancy, and moderated by Myra Klockenbrink, GSC-Land/Water Sector Co-Chair. GSC Speaker Series is organized by Kim Gregory, Community Engagement Chair.

Our trees are the lifeline to our environment and to the health, beauty and character of Greenwich.

RSVP to Kim Gregory @ [email protected]

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