Fun Fall Family Event at Bush-Holley House Features Scarecrow Competition

The Historical Society’s traditional fall festival is set or Oct 12. The event will feature a scarecrow-making competition, a hayride tour through the Strickland Road Historic District, and, in keeping with the World War I theme of the Historical Society’s fall exhibition Greenwich Faces the Great War, there will be family-friendly tours of Bush-Holley House, interpreted as it would have been during the WWI years.

Themed activities will include an espionage game for the whole family and crafts that focus on vintage airplanes and poppies. Music will be provided by popular bluegrass/swing band Too Blue from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

A modest fee the Historical Society will supply everything needed to make a scarecrow, including armature (“the bones”), hay for stuffing, twine and a burlap sack for the head.

Guests are invited to bring their own clothing and “accessories” to customize their creations.

Prizes will be supplied by Ann’s Hobby Center and Smart Kids’ Toys. Advance registration for the Scarecrow Competition is required.

Price of general admission includes free entry to Bush-Holley House and the Storehouse Gallery exhibition Greenwich Faces The Great War, which marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I in Europe and explores the many contributions that Greenwich residents made from civilian war gardens at home to the battlefields across Europe.

Pay at the door for general admission or purchase tickets at Register for the Scarecrow Competition online or call 203-869-6899, Ext 1