Bruce Museum Display Finds Permanent Home at Woods Hole

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Did you miss the Bruce Museum’s Deep Sea exhibition last year? You can catch it again – or at least part of it – this summer if you’re heading to the Cape.

A display featured in the Bruce Museum’s Extreme Habitats: Into the Deep Sea exhibition (April-November 2014) has been transported to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Ocean Science Exhibit Center for permanent installation.

The 10 x 10 foot display was a focal point in the Bruce Museum’s 2014 Deep Sea exhibition, and replicated the scene one might observe around a deep-sea hydrothermal vent located 8,000 feet below the Pacific Ocean surface along the Galapagos Rift. Models of bizarre organisms such as the giant tube worm, zoracid fish, and hydrothermal vent octopus were among the unusual, and rarely seen, creatures featured in the display.

“We are delighted that our exhibition will live on at Woods Hole,” says Peter H. Linderoth, Manager of School/Community Partnerships at the Bruce Museum and curator of the Museum’s Deep Sea exhibition. “It’s an honor for us, as Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is a very prestigious science institution. And they played a big role in our Deep Sea exhibition. Access to Woods Hole’s comprehensive database of deep-sea imagery and video, and their experts, was invaluable to us as we endeavored to bring the deep sea to life inside the walls of the Museum.”

“The Bruce museum did an exceptional job recreating this deep-sea hydrothermal vent scene, it allows visitors to really see the diversity and scale of life at a hydrothermal vent,” says Kathy Patterson, manager of the Ocean Science Exhibit Center.

See the Bruce Museum Deep Sea exhibition all over again this summer, at least in part, if you’re heading to the Cape: The Ocean Science Exhibit Center opens for the summer season in April. The center is located at 15 School Street, MS#45, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.


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