Arguimbau Art Red Barn Gallery Holiday Show Set for Dec 4

Arguimbau Art Red Barn Gallery is holding its Holiday Show on Sunday, Dec 4 from 3:00 to 6:00pm.

Peter Layne Arguimbau resides and has painted in Greenwich for 30 years specializing in classic marine paintings and vistas. His oil paintings are well known for their luminist light and resinous color.

“Blood Moon” by Peter Layne Arguimbau.

Arguimbau paints in his own style of ‘Luminism’ after the Luminists painters of the Hudson River School. He paints in a traditional north light studio and obtains vibrant light effects by grinding his own pigments with oily resinous mediums imitating the Old Master techniques. This signature quality gives his paintings their old world charm.

The gallery is located at 121 E. Middle Patent Rd, Greenwich (off Taconic Rd).

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Tel (203) 274-6176