Heavey: Epdemic of Car Thefts is Avoidable; Warns thieves may become more brazen and commit other crimes

On Monday Lt Martin O’Reilly said a white Ford F-150 Pickup truck was stolen from west side of town in the overnight hours of Oct 22 and 23. It had been left unlocked, with the keys within the vehicle. It has not been recovered.

Last week, a 2015 Infiniti was stolen from central Greenwich in the overnight hours between Oct 20 and Oct 21. It had been parked on the roadway, and the owner said the keys were not in the car and it had been left unlocked.

This week Greenwich Police Chief James Heavey said so far this year 71 cars had been stolen in Greenwich.

He said there were 130 cars stolen in Greenwich in 2020.

“We still have two months left in the year,” he said, adding that police was doing all it can to stem the tide of car thefts.

He said Greenwich Police are having conversations with state legislators, and had joined a task force with Norwalk, New Canaan and Stamford to seek additional funds from the state to address “the epidemic of car thefts.”

“Bringing the criminal element into town, because we have an unfortunate reputation for being an easy mark for stolen vehicles. Most of the cars are recovered in four or five urban locations in Connecticut, and are often in bad, damaged shape, and are often used to commit other crimes,” he said.

He said he and other police chiefs are concerned that these individuals will eventually become more brazen and commit other crimes in town.

“We encourage people to lock your car every time, everywhere. That will make a big difference in reducing crime in the town of Greenwich,” Heavey added.