Greenwich Man Charged after Stealing Items from YMCA Locker Room

Brian Saavedra, 27, of 143 Rectory Street in Greenwich was arrested by Greenwich Police on Sept 17 after an incident at the YMCA.

On Saturday, around 6:20pm, officers were sent to the YMCA on the report of a man attempting to steal an iPhone from the women’s locker room.

After interviewing the victim, it was determined that Saavedra had been in the locker room and the victim was fearful of his demeanor and behavior.

During the investigation, another victim from the YMCA told officers that a pair of men’s sneakers were stolen from the men’s locker room. Mr. Saavedra gave consent for officers to search his backpack, where they found the sneakers.

Mr. Saavedra admitted taking the sneakers from the men’s locker room, but he attempted to mislead police by providing a different spelling of his name and date of birth.

He was charged with Larceny 6, Interfering with an Officer, Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Attempt and at the time of the police report was being held in police custody. He was assigned a court date in Stamford Superior Court on Sept. 30, 2016.