GPD: Propaganda from White Supremacist Group Found in Greenwich Driveways

Greenwich Police Dept announced they had been notified by several residents that recruitment flyers for a white supremacist group were found in their driveways tucked in small, plastic bags containing gravel.

There were no direct threats made in the flyer to any specific group of people or religious belief. 

The incident appears to be the latest propaganda effort by the group.  Flyers promoting the group have turned up in other Connecticut communities over the past year and the Town of Greenwich was not directly mentioned in the flyer.    

At this time, the individual(s) who dropped off these materials have not been identified.   

The legitimacy and origin of these flyers is currently under investigation. 

The Greenwich Police Department is not releasing copies of the flyer in order to not promote their group, which is a tactic that is used to gain more traffic to their various websites and social media. 

If anyone locates one of these flyers, please send the details to [email protected]