GPD Make Drug Overdose Arrest; Suspect Charged with Manslaughter

On January 6, 2021, the Greenwich Police investigated the untimely death of a 33-year-old resident of Old Greenwich.

The death was suspected to be a result of a drug overdose.

The Greenwich Police Department Narcotics Section conducted the investigation. Investigators were able to identify the source of the lethal combination of drugs that caused the death of the 33-year-old resident.

Stephen Bridge. March 24, 2022 Photo courtesy Greenwich Police

The source of the drugs was determined to be a business enterprise comprising of two people. One of the them was identified as Stephen Bridge, 34. These subjects were involved in a conspiracy to sell Fentanyl and counterfeit Benzodiazepam pills marketed as Xanax and/or Alprazolam.

The arrest warrant alleges Mr. Bridge utilized the dark web to obtain Xanax/Alprazolam pills that he would then sell.

With the assistance of the US Postal Inspection Service, Greenwich Detectives seized a shipment of 1,000 pills destined for Bridge’s residence.

Most of the pills seized during a search warrant execution at Bridge’s home and those from the seized shipment were other prescription medications, such as Etizolam, forged and pressed to have the same appearance as Xanax/or Alprazolam.

In March 2022, the Greenwich Police Department secured an arrest warrant for Bridge relating to the untimely death.

On March 22, 2022, Bridge was transported to the Stamford Superior Court from a correctional facility.

Members of the Greenwich Police Department arrested Bridge via the arrest warrant for the charges of Manslaughter 2 and Sale of Narcotics.

He was arraigned the same day and held in custody.

The investigation in Bridge’s co-conspirator is ongoing.

Greenwich Police continue to focus special attention on those who sell or distribute illegal drugs within our community.

Police urge individuals, or the families of individuals, suffering from drug addiction to seek help. Resources for assistance are available at Postal Inspection Service