UPDATE: Car Fire at Tod’s Point was Mechanical Failure

Update: the car fire at Tod’s Point was the result of a mechanical failure. Fortunately, the driver noticed smoke coming out and pulled over.

On Sunday visitors to the picnic area on the western side of Tod’s Point were surprised to see a car catch on fire around 5:30pm.

In an unrelated incident, Captain Zuccerella said swatting incidents across have been on the rise across the state.

A swatting incident at Greenwich Country Club was the second of two “swatting” incidents.

“There was one made to another location in Town as well,” he said. “The State has seen an increase in these cases.”

Zuccerella said that with Swatting incidents, police were torn about alerting people for fear they would not take similar incidents seriously.

“If that happens, when a real one comes there could be a very bad outcome,” he said.

Witnesses said that after the car caught on fire around 5:30pmon Sunday. The Greenwich Fire Dept came and put it out and that no one was hurt.

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