DUI for Man Driving Mercedes with Heavy Front End Damage in Old Greenwich

On Aug 19 around 2:15am Greenwich Police officers patrolling in the area of Tod’s Point spotted a white Mercedes-Benz with heavy front end damage traveling north on Shore Road.

A passerby flagged them down to report that the Mercedes had been operating erratically and almost crashed head-on into a car traveling in the opposite direction.

Previous calls to dispatch reported a car matching the Mercedes description having been in a crash and the driver appearing intoxicated.

Police say that upon investigation the accused, Christopher McGowan, 36, of Thornwood, NY, was slow to respond to questions, appeared confused and admitted to having consumed alcoholic beverages prior to driving. He also told police he was involved in a crash but didn’t know where and said he hadn’t report it to police.

McGowan was asked to step out of his car when he could not located his keys. Once out of the Mercedes he tried to run back into the car to flee the scene and had to be physically prevented from getting back in the car.

McGowan was unable to perform field sobriety tests to standard. He was arrested and charged with DUI and Interfering with Officer/Resisting Arrest.

He was released after posting the required 10% of his $500 bond and assigned a date in Stamford Superior Court on Sept 2.