Contractors Unearth Human Skull during Sound Beach Ave Bridge Work

On Monday, Greenwich Police alerted media that contractors working on the Sound Beach Avenue bridge replacement project had unearthed a human skull on Saturday morning.

Police say the skull was found in the same area as the human bones found in April 2017.

“It is likely that the skull belongs with those bones,” police said, adding that forensic testing will need to be done to confirm that.

The original flyer read:

The Greenwich Police Department is investigating the death of Peter Robinson. It is estimated that he died in 2015 or 2016 on the Stamford/Greenwich, CT border. Peter was approximately 50 years old. He was 5’7″ African American 175lbs and known to be homeless often staying in the Pacific House homeless shelter.  Anyone with information please forward to the Greenwich Police Hotline (203)622-3333 or [email protected],org.” 

Back in 2017, GFP reported that the Town of Greenwich Parks workers discovered a human bone in a stream inside the Helen Binney Kitchel Natural Park, adjacent to Laddins Rock Rd in Old Greenwich.

At the time, police searched the entire park and the stream, up to where it crosses the I-95 interstate and down to and including Binney Park pond.

Greenwich Police returned several times to continue their search, and in June 2017, a state dive team searched the pond.

DNA samples from the remains were collected and tested by the State of Connecticut Crime Lab. Results from this DNA test identified the remains as those of Peter Robinson.

Mr. Robinson was about 50 at the time of his death, approximately 5’ 7” tall and 175 pounds, and was last known to be homeless in the area of Stamford.

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April 5, 2019