Up to 14″ of Snow Coming to Greenwich: How You Can Help During the Snow Emergency

Message from the Town of Greenwich, Feb. 12:

During the period of the Snow Emergency no vehicles are permitted to remain parked, stopped or standing on any Snow Emergency streets.  Vehicles in violation will be subject to ticketing and immediate towing.  If you are unsure if your vehicle is parked on a Snow Emergency street, a full list can be viewed HERE.  Vehicles displaced from Snow Emergency streets may be lawfully parked in municipal off-street parking lots until the snow emergency is over.

Even if you do not live or work on a snow emergency street, if you have off-street parking available for your vehicle, you are encouraged to use it during and after the storm.  Snow and ice accumulations from previous storms are already narrowing some roadways.  It is much easier for Public Works to fully clean the street without vehicles parked in their way.  Your cooperation will ensure that road crews can keep all streets open for emergency First Responder vehicle traffic.

Further, with all of the winter weather and cold temperatures many fire hydrants are becoming obstructed under unmelted snow and ice.  The Town is encouraging those who have a fire hydrant on or near their property to help keep it visible and accessible.  Ready access to water for firefighting can be a true lifesaver when seconds count.

The latest predictions indicate that we should receive at least six and as many as fourteen inches of additional snow accumulation over the next 24 to 36 hours.  Icing conditions on walkways, roads, trees and power lines may become problematic especially late in the day tomorrow.  Obviously, residents should restrict travel during the storm only to essential trips.

Additional staffing has been added to Public Works road crews and to Greenwich’s emergency responder agencies.  The Town of Greenwich is fully prepared for the coming winter storm event.  You can best help us by remembering to move vehicles from snow emergency routes, keeping vehicles off of non-snow emergency streets as well if possible, and making sure that fire hydrants are clear of snow and ice.

During the coming storm, please stay indoors, stay warm and stay safe.