Dispatch from New Hampshire: Lisa Wexler on Last Day before Primary Election

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.04.07 AMBy Lisa Wexler, host of The Lisa Wexler Show on WGCH 1490 AM, weekdays from 4:00pm to 6:00pm Monday pm Dispatch – last day before election

Snow expected so we got an early start to beat bad weather.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.03.46 AMMet Gov. Christie out of the revolving door into the Radisson in Manchester. Relaxed, friendly, shook my hand.

By the time we walk to Bernie Sanders event at the Palace, snow is falling.
Secret Service searches everyone, even press. Audience of 350, press of 150.

Bernie sounding more nasal than usual, must be nursing a cold.
Memorable lines:

“With the freedom they bought,  Wall Street brought this economy into the worst economic downturn since the 1930s.”

“Getting an education in America should not be punished; it should be encouraged.”


A corrupt American campaign system is undermining democracy.

Democracy is not about billionaires buying elections.

I feel like I’m in a Frank Capra movie and Edward Arnold is about to turn the lights out.

Showtime from 4-6pm! Guests included Eric Trump, former Congressman, ambassador, and Steve Chaggaris of CBS news. Find on iTunes as podcast or WGCH.com.

We hightail it to Trump rally at Verizon arena, snow coming down. Traffic cop ushers us across a major intersection diagonally across the street – that’s a first. Waaaay around back is press entrance, again Secret Service, many of them.

It’s a big snow, yet the arena is almost full. Tiny Dancer followed by Andrea Boccelli and the Rolling Stones; I’m at a political rock concert. Crowd a bit scruffy, angry, passionate. The Donald intros his beautiful family, then takes the stage for an hour. Rhetoric in a million directions, constantly interrupts himself with random thoughts and comments, mostly about the nuances and his grievances about the campaign itself. Uses the word “pussy” for mere shock value; the man is a born entertainer, plays to the basest impulses of the crowd. That’s the scary Trump. The inspirational Trump has great ideas and some gutsy convictions. Which one will we get if we elect him?

On Tuesday we will begin to find out.

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Lisa WexlerA talk radio host, Probate Judge, attorney, advocate, author and public speaker, Lisa Wexler is a master at communicating information in an entertaining way. She is also the Probate Judge for the Westport/Weston District in Connecticut, having been elected twice.

She is an attorney admitted to the Bars in Connecticut and New York and graduated from The Johns Hopkins University and The New York University School of Law. Lisa is the co-author of “Secrets of a Jewish Mother,” (Penguin/Dutton) with her sister, “Real Housewives of NYC” Jill Zarin, and her mother, advice columnist Gloria Kamen.  Lisa has always been active in her community, serving on the Westport Planning and Zoning Commission the Westport Zoning Board of Appeals.