RTC Statement: Greenwich Republicans Won because Republicans Came Together.

Statement from Greenwich Republican Town Committee

Last night’s election was nothing short of unforgettable as Greenwich Republicans achieved a resounding victory, sweeping the board and making history as the minority party.  Turnout hit record highs in this challenging historic municipal campaign, a testament to our community’s strong connection to our Common Sense message.

This sensational success is the result of tireless efforts from our members, associates, RTM candidates, volunteers, and steadfast supporters.  Their unwavering commitment amid all the noise and distractions played a pivotal role in securing this triumph. And we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you.

Republican First Selectman Fred Camillo won with 59%.  Our other candidates for town leadership – Lauren Rabin, Jackie Budkins, and Heather Smeriglio won convincingly too.   Importantly we won the BET race which was the most contested race of this year.  Republicans will continue their leadership of the Board of Estimate & Taxation, elect a chair and set the agenda.

We won because Republicans came together.  In this election, my mission was to bring Republicans together under one tent and we made good progress towards that goal.  We are on the right trajectory.  I know there were many voices who worked to divide us.  They failed.  I will continue my effort to bring every Republican under one tent.  There is room for everyone.

Our candidates ran a positive campaign and proposed solutions.  They countered the misinformation with data and facts.  What pains me is to see the use of epithets like “extremists” or” far right” to denigrate some of our candidates.  I ask our opponents to stop that and contest on ideas and solutions and not on character assassinations.

Once again. A huge thank you to all who contributed.   Now let us get to work, work across party lines and deliver on our promises.