Greenwich Registrars of Voters Seeks Poll Workers for Nov 3 Election

August 11 is Presidential Preference Primary Day in Connecticut. Voters who are registered in either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party may vote in their party’s primary. Greenwich’s Registrars of Voters are working to be sure all eligible voters can cast a ballot safely.

Many voters have chosen to vote by absentee ballot. If you have received your absentee ballot but have not yet mailed it, we strongly suggest delivering it into one of Greenwich’s two newly installed Ballot Boxes. One Ballot Box is located outside Town Hall near the visitor parking lot sheltered by the kiosk formerly holding the parking meter. The other Ballot Box is in the lobby of the police station. Both ballot boxes are available 24/7 and absentee ballots may be deposited in them up to 8 PM on Primary Day August 11.

The other option for primary voters is to vote in person. All 12 of Greenwich’s regular polling places will be open regular voting hours from 6 AM to 8 PM on August 11. Planning for safe voting at the polls has been underway for many months. The polling places will be well-equipped with PPE for poll workers and continually sanitized by a newly created poll worker position: COVID Safety Monitor. In order to protect your fellow voters and our dedicated poll workers, the Registrars of Voters ask voters who plan to vote in person at the polls to follow these guidelines:

· Wear a mask inside the polling place at all times.

· Wear a mask outside the polling place when you cannot maintain social distance.

· Use hand sanitizer as you enter and leave the polling place to keep door handles and other contact points germ free.

· Move through the voting process efficiently. Do not linger.

· Minimize contact points. Consider foregoing use of privacy booths and privacy folders. Instead, bring a book or something to write against into the polling place. Quickly mark your ballot and slip it into the voting bin.

· Exit promptly.

Looking ahead to the General Election on November 3 – consider working as a poll worker.

The registrars anticipate that in addition to fully staffing all polling places there will be an absentee ballot counting operation involving 40 to 50 poll workers. To find out more, go to the Registrars of Voters page of the Town of Greenwich website and go to “I want to work at the polls.”